Feb 13 2017

Bounce Your Way Stronger Immune System


When asked why trampolines are so great, we probably all respond with a similar answer: because they provide a fun, outdoor activity for the entire family to enjoy together. While this is true, we tend to overlook the health benefits associated with that very activity! 

Research proves that bouncing can significantly improve the developmental and physical health in both children and adults. 

Trampoline healthy outdoor fun

Common improvements presented among studies include: enhanced cardiovascular system, increased metabolism and muscular strength and a heightened awareness of your body and sense of balance.


While all of these improvements are excellent, the benefit that comes to mind during this time of year where the kids are all just back at school (and all the cold and flu viruses are going around), is the wonderful effect bouncing has on your lymphatic system, which is a vital part of your immune system.

Bounce Your Way to a Stronger Immune System

The lymphatic system carries all of the nasty toxins that enter our bodies through the environment and food we eat every day, its important that we flush our bodies of this material in order to stay healthy and keep our immune system strong! How do we do this you ask?


Coincidentally, the lymphatic system relies completely on movement to flush the body of toxins. And bouncing is exactly that C movement.  It is pretty simple, really: the more you move your body, the more you are detoxing your body and improving your immune system, which leads to a healthier YOU.

Health benefits jumping

The back to school period after every set of holidays, for many parents, is often associated with nasty colds, the flu and having to take unwanted sick days from school or work, which is no fun at all! Rather than just getting your annual flu shot and hoping for the best, add in some daily bouncing as a way to a stronger immune system and have fun doing it!


And of course, don't forget to eat healthy and drink plenty of water!