Feb 21 2013

Is your child a trampolining star of the future? Join us at the PCYC Launceston GymSports FunDAY!

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Kids that get enjoyment out of their backyard trampolines, should consider the idea of jumping onboard trampolining as a serious sport. Just ask Jack Penny, our Springfree Ambassador!

He was king of the family¡¯s backyard trampoline once. Now he is a professional trampolinist and accredited coach with Gymnastics Australia. Raised in Launceston and still in Tasmania; the trampoline has taken him all around the world.

Jack said he clearly remembers his first backyard trampoline (the traditional spring-based variety, sans-safety net). ¡°I remember attempting my first ever forward somersault on it,¡± he said. ¡°I landed it but was bounced off and right toward the big glass windows of our kitchen. I don¡¯t have to tell you how horrified Mum was!¡± With some 10,000-16,000 Australian children visiting an emergency ward annually after a trampoline mishap, Jack said any family considering a trampoline purchase should select the safest option for their children. He cited a recent Choice report that recommended only one trampoline brand (out of 12 trampolines tested for safety) ¨C Springfree™ Trampoline.

The report showed the Springfree™ Trampoline¡¯s R54 Compact Round model offered the most comfortable bounce which, as Jack says, will help keep your potential world champion trampolinist bouncing and training for longer. Jack encouraged backyard trampoline enthusiasts to take the leap into professional training at their local gymnastics club.

To see if your children would like to give trampolining a go, the PCYC Launceston is holding their Gymsports FunDAY on Saturday 23rd February from 10-3pm. You¡¯ll be able to meet Jack in person and talk to him about what trampolining is like as a professional sport, grab some handy hints on moves and get tips on what the safest practice is for training on your trampoline at home.

Come and see us on the day to see Jack demonstrate his exhilarating moves on a Springfree and enter the draw for your chance to WIN the S113 Large Square Springfree Trampoline that Jack is performing on!