Dec 22 2011

Springfree Trampoline YouTube Challenge

Posted by Stella

Calling all Springfree Trampoline owners!

Next year, we¡¯re releasing a new set of videos and we want to feature the people who know our product best: the Springfree owners. And that¡¯s you!

Share your Springfree moment with us and we just might feature your family!

It¡¯s pretty easy to do:

1. Grab a camera! We¡¯re not picky about what you use to shoot your footage: it can be your camera, smart phone, camcorder, whatever else you have.

2. Film some fun Springfree Trampoline moments. Ideas include:

  • Your kids¡¯ reaction to ¡°unwrapping¡± a Springfree for Christmas
  • Why the Springfree was a good investment for Mum and Dad
  • Why you think Springfree is simply the best trampoline in the world

3. Upload your video to YouTube with the title: ¡°Hey Springfree, I gave my kids an awesome trampoline!¡±

We¡¯ll pick our favourites and you just might become internet famous. Each entry is automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win an accessory package (FlexrHoop, FlexrStep, Shifting Wheels) to add even more fun to your Springfree jumps. And don¡¯t worry if you already have all of these accessories; the package can be substituted for credit toward other Springfree Trampoline products.

Hurry and start filming because this challenge ends on January 14, 2012 at 11:59 a.m. PST.

Here are the detailed terms & conditions for you to review: Springfree Trampoline YouTube Challenge.

We can¡¯t wait to watch your videos!

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