Nov 10 2011

[Our Response] Spring-based trampolines: safe or insane?

Posted by Kat

This past Monday we came across an article by Molly Snyder of regarding trampoline safety. The article concluded,

※Life is dangerous. Trampolines, with rules, are not. Let*s let kids have fun.§

At Springfree Trampoline we believe that spring-based trampolines are an outdated, unnecessary danger. Approximately 100,000 kids are sent to hospitals in North America every year due to injury on spring-based trampolines. We aren*t talking cuts and scrapes 每 we*re talking broken bones and concussions.

We hear it every day 每 they can*t be THAT bad? Well, let*s play a game of True or False#

1. Spring-based trampolines can*t be that unsafe if stores have been selling them for years.

False: Currently there are few mandatory trampoline standards. This means manufacturers have no obligation to ensure minimum levels of quality and safety.

2.You have to have a net around it for one thing. That*s the most important feature.

False: While having a trampoline net is important, the net alone is not enough. The enclosures that come with most spring-based trampolines are not made to last and give you a false sense of security. They are held on with large steel poles that drop you right down onto metal springs 每 not the safety net you were looking for.

3. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that trampolines should never be used in homes, yards or playgrounds.

True: The AAP has a strong stance against spring-based trampolines, and for good reason. Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline to remove the areas that cause injury 每 the springs, the hard metal frame at the jumping surface and the risk of falling off. We*re not just trying to sell trampolines 每 we*re trying to reduce the amount of injuries caused by a popular backyard toy. Part of that effort is working to educate major organizations, like the AAP, about the potential of an alternative design.

Lets go back and review that conclusion#

※Life is dangerous. Trampolines, with rules, are not. Let*s let kids have fun.§

Following the jumping rules doesn*t prevent fun 每 it prevents injuries. As the world*s safest trampoline we are the first to admit that rules are important when jumping on any trampoline. Our jumper rules are always encouraged and available on our trampoline safety page.

But jumper rules aren*t enough. Springfree Trampoline inventor, Dr. Keith Alexander, said it best:

※Trampolines give you this great bouncing surface that kids want to jump on, but then you surround it with big bars of steel and springs and holes 每 and it*s the kid*s fault if they hurt themselves.§

With the world*s safest trampoline, there*s no need to worry

If you want to read more on independent trampoline safety research, visit our library. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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