Nov 08 2011

Winter Maintenance and Care for Your Trampoline

Posted by Stella

As the leaves fall and temperatures drop, we can feel winter just around the corner. Do you know how to care for your trampoline when snow comes?

Fortunately, Springfree Trampolines are made of all-weather parts. Springfree Trampoline mat and trampoline net are UV-resistant and the rods are rust-free. Our trampolines can stay out all winter and many happy customers have testified that they enjoy jumping in the snow:

If you live in a region where snow falls and accumulates over winter, regularly clear the snow off your trampoline. The most effective snow removal tool is a soft bristle brush or broom. Reach onto the centre of the mat and pull the snow load toward you and off the trampoline edge. Do not use hard tools like a shovel because it can damage the mat and/or the net.

If your Springfree Trampoline is likely to remain unused over the course of winter, we highly recommend investing in our All Weather Cover:

Designed specifically for your Springfree, the All Weather Cover will prolong the product life of your trampoline. It protects both the net and the mat from harsh winter weather and will make the snow removal easier.

Lucky for you, were offering a 20% discount on All Weather Covers for a limited time in Canada. Snow requires a lot of maintenance around the house so choose peace of mind and let the All Weather Cover protect your Springfree.

Click here to learn more about the All Weather Cover. To purchase, visit our online store.

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