Jul 19 2011

Hear It. See It. Speak It: Trampoline Parks

Posted by Stella

Springfree? Trampoline is the safest recreational trampoline option currently available, so it*s only natural we were curious about the safety of trampoline parks.

Trampoline parks are public recreational facilities featuring wall-to-wall trampolines stitched together like a giant checkerboard.

We posed the following question to our Facebook community:

※Given the health benefits and the fun of jumping versus the safety concerns, would you let your child jump at a trampoline park?§

The topics of discussion varied. Many discussed the need for more parental and professional supervision and the implementation of age restrictions. Some community members discussed how much fun they had at trampoline parks and the exercise benefits they gained.

Approximately 50 parks operate in the US today and parks are opening up in other countries. Trampoline parks typically charge $8 to $14 per hour for each jumper. With revenues approaching $100 million, trampoline parks are gaining attention.

Unlike amusement parks, trampoline parks are not yet regulated by any state or federal agencies in the US. Earlier this summer, a trampoline park in Illinois gained notoriety when 16 ambulances were dispatched in a matter months to respond to jumper injuries.

Trampoline park owners maintain their facilities are a safe and fun venue for children and adults to get exercise. Some parks have even installed cameras to monitor the jumpers and have created jumping areas restricted to smaller children to ensure safety.

Springfree Trampoline has compiled tips for safe jumping, whether you are jumping at a trampoline park or in your backyard:
1. One at a time please 每 Multiple jumpers increase the risk of injury from collision. Statistics show that with more than one user at a time, the smaller/lighter of the two is almost always the one sustaining an injury.
2. Don*t flip out 每 Untrained jumpers run the risk of landing awkwardly.
3. Avoid roughhousing 每 Some kids love to play rough and tumble, but this type of behavior can result in injury.
4. Keep it clean 每 Trampolines should be void of foreign objects. Any new object introduced to the trampoline is another potential ※hard surface§ that can result in injury.
5. Stand watch 每 Keep an eye on children and inexperienced jumpers while they are on the trampoline.
6. Steer clear 每 Do not allow children underneath the trampoline while someone is jumping.
7. Stay in control 每 Stay in the center of the trampoline. If you deviate during jumping, stop and move back to the center.
8. Talk it out每 Discuss the importance of trampoline safety with your kids, and tell them about the risks of not using it properly.

With the right equipment and proper supervision, jumping can be a safe and fun activity enjoyed by kids of all ages!

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