Jul 13 2011

Springfree Trampoline: Behind the Scenes at the TODAY SHOW!

Posted by Kat

It was an early morning (evening? it was still dark outside!) but the Springfree Trampoline team was up for the challenge!

In case you missed it, we were included in a feature on the dangers of spring-based trampolines. Want to watch the clip? Click here to see Springfree Trampoline recommended as the safest trampoline!

Our product manager, Norm, and our warehouse manager, Kerry, were in the plaza at 3am to set up before the show. In fact, they are kind of office celebrities now C they actually made it on TV!

Norm (our product manager) on Today Show

Segments like this mean a lot to us. It took over 14 years to design Springfree Trampoline with one goal in mind C keeping kids safe. With over 100,000 kids sent to hospital every year due to spring-based trampoline injury, we are proud to be the only safe choice for your backyard.

Now the fun part C here are a few behind the scenes shots!

Springfree Trampoline on the Today Show!
We brought our 10ft. trampoline to the plaza and set up very very early in the morning.

Springfree Trampoline on the Today Show
Emma Watson from Harry Potter was on the same day as us! Is there a spell for jumping?

Springfree Trampoline on the Today Show!
Just about to go live!

Happy Bouncing

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