Jul 12 2011

[VIDEO] Today Show: Springfree is the Safest Backyard Trampoline

Posted by Kat

This morning the Today Show and consumer correspondent, Janice Lieberman, featured a report on the dangers of backyard trampolines ¨C and Springfree Trampoline was recommended as the safer choice. Watch the clip below!

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The statistics are scary. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 100,000 children are sent to hospital every year due to trampoline-related injury.

¡°A trampoline that is doing everything right, a safer version¡­Springfree Trampoline¡± ¨C Savannah Guthrie, Today Show co-host and chief legal analyst

Years of research have gone into Springfree Trampoline¡¯s design and we are proud to be the only trampoline to eliminate the areas that cause injury on spring-based trampolines. No frame, no springs and you can¡¯t fall off ¨C we really are the world¡¯s safest trampoline!

What a morning! Thank you to everyone who watched and commented!

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