Mar 19 2010

BREAKING NEWS: SpringfreeTMTrampoline Receives WA Consumer Protection Award

Posted by Erin

SpringfreeTM Trampoline has been honored with the ¡®Special Commendation Award¡¯ in the Kidsafe WA Category at the 2010 Western Australia Consumer Protection Awards.

The Kidsafe WA Category acknowledges non-government organizations and businesses which make an enduring contribution to the advancement of product safety for children.

Over 200,000 kids are injured worldwide each year on spring-based trampoline designs. SpringfreeTM Trampoline is rewarded by the WA government for its exceptional design and development work that has been undertaken to produce a safe Trampoline for home use, hence reducing product induced injuries.

SpringfreeTM Trampoline as a company has been working tirelessly for the past 5 years to make backyards safer and this award recognises and rewards that hard work .Our passion for what we do is not driven on numbers or bottom line but because every single one of us in SpringfreeTM Trampoline? from the engineers to the sales personnel are genuinely interested in the welfare and Safety of children ¨C your children.


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